About paint plant

Omsk paint plant Tzvetnoy bulvar was established in 1989, and has been one of the leading manufacturers on the Russian paint and coatings market throughout this time.

The plant produces a wide range of paints and coatings for metal, plaster, concrete, masonry; exterior and exterior coatings; front paints, cold resistant, heat resistant, chemical resistant coatings, quick drying, deck-boat paints; systems of anti-corrosive coatings for protection of metal constructions, equipment, pipe lines, concrete.

The main areas of the plant's activity are production and sales of the following paint products:

Enamels: urethane, alkyd, alkyd-urethane, organic-silicone

Primers: alkyd, acrylic, vinyl, CPVC primers, anti-corrosive primers

Acrylic paints: front paints, road marking paints, sealer paint

Special paints: metal paints, chemical resistant enamel, CV enamel, alkyd-urethane enamel

Organosilicone paint: exterior enamel, heat resistant enamel, heat resistant vanish

Our customers are companies in Moscow, Russian Far East, in the northern part of Tyumen area, on the Urals and in Kazakhstan.

We hope to make a long business cooperation relationship
We pay individual attention to every customer!

To produce paints and lacquers WE BUY raw chemicals as follows:

Resins: Solid acrylic resins Alkyd-urethane resins Alkyd resins

Inorganic pigments: Iron oxide red Iron oxide yellow Titanium dioxide Lemon chrome yellow Medium chrome yellow

Organic pigments: Red Yellow Blue

Steel drum, taper shape: 30L 40L 50L

Contact us:

Manager ms. Ksenia Mikheeva 
Skype: omsk-lkm
e-mail: [email protected]
e-mail/msn: [email protected]

Tel: +7-950-218-8714